David Pennington PhD

The worst thing for an employee is to be paid well for a job they hate.

While many companies focus on financial perks for retention, exceptional employees with big goals will leave your company to find a place where they can grow.  

My name is Dr. Dave Pennington, an operational strategist and workforce development expert with over 35 years of experience. I've empowered clients to 10x their revenue and achieve seemingly unattainable goals.

In my extensive experience, a company's success boils down to one crucial factor: how they nurture their workforce. Similar to technology, the value your employees produce correlates with the investment you make in them.

By understanding your people's goals and actively supporting them, you'll witness enhanced performance, increased innovation, and stronger commitment to company objectives. Yet, in the midst of immediate challenges, this can be easier said than done.

My role is to steer your company toward fostering a culture of growth and an in-house infrastructure for finding, hiring, developing, and retaining top talent. 

If you're navigating growing pains or deciding who to hire next, let's talk. 

I can save you from trial and error, turnover, and subpar hires, setting your company on a path to accelerate growth in as little as 6 months.

Three Guiding Philosophies

1 Dynamic Organizational Structure

Many companies adopt a straightforward structure with the founder at the helm, where everyone ultimately answers to them. This approach swiftly bottlenecks growth. Frankly, expecting one person to excel at everything is impractical, and the opportunity cost escalates rapidly.

My strategy commences by assembling a team of A-players who complement the founder, taking charge of different facets of the company where they excel. Often, these A-players are right under our noses within the company, while at other times, we strategically bring in new hires to fill any skill gaps.

Surrounded by an ensemble of equally driven, talented, and passionate individuals, the pathway to success becomes remarkably clear.

2 Future Focused Strategy

Tackling decisions and challenges in isolation creates potential roadblocks down the line. Leveraging an external perspective allows you to grasp the broader landscape. Once we clarify your aspirations, we can devise a roadmap that navigates around potential pitfalls.

With a strategy geared toward the future, pivotal decisions become straightforward, saving you time and accelerating your company’s growth.

3 Your People Are the Cornerstone of Success

In the evolving landscape of hybrid and remote work, the chance to draw in top-tier talent is at your fingertips. The caliber of your team shapes the excellence of your output, dictates the pace of growth, and determines your ability to outperform competitors.

When an employer actively supports their employees in their own pursuit of personal and professional growth this creates a symbiotic relationship where both parties thrive, and success becomes inevitable.

Dave’s spent the last 35+ years managing and leading organizations.  He has served on national & international boards. He has built strong teams, developed his personal leadership, manage financial budgets, and developed and sustained visionary leadership.

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