When your team is fulfilled and performing at their best, everyone comes out on top.

While many fast growing tech companies are focused on:

  • Expanding their customer base by increasing sales and marketing efforts

  • Driving productivity by offering incentives or micromanaging employees

  • Retaining talent by providing onsite perks and a modern work environment

  • Constantly hiring new employees to address bottlenecks and gaps

Most of these solutions inevitably lead to inefficiencies, and even more complex problems.

In reality, most challenges a company faces comes down to how much attention they pay to what their workforce really wants and needs.

The Align & Scale Framework creates company growth through strategic hiring, developing, and retaining of highly productive employees. 

When you work with us, we begin by taking the time to understand your organization, the goals you have, the organizational structure you already have in place, and developing a strategy to reach your next growth milestone (and beyond).

With 35 years of experience working with fast-growing companies, specializing in operations management and strategy, we've found that the fastest and most effective way to drive overall growth is by investing in the workforce and aligning the aspirations of personnel with the goals of the company.

This is achieved through implementing effective hiring, onboarding, development, and retention strategies.

As a result of these strategies, our clients have been able to accomplish goals like:

Expand their reach 1400%

Increase profitability by scaling their strongest product

Double their revenue by hiring a single person

Reduced costs by 75%

Our process involves four steps tailored to the unique needs of every client:


Optimize for the Future

Rather than firefighting immediate issues, we delve into your overall growth trajectory and organizational structure. Adopting a long-term perspective enables us to seamlessly reallocate your current team, placing them in positions that align with their strengths and complement the founder. This tailored approach often deviates from conventional expectations.


Forge Your Hiring Process

Before launching into the hiring process, we craft Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for vetting, onboarding, and training new team members. Armed with these, we proceed to attract talent through meticulously crafted job descriptions, targeted ads, and streamlined application processes. Leveraging diverse assessment tools and advanced hiring strategies, we ensure a holistic understanding of a candidate's fit in their role and their compatibility with the team. This process serves as a replicable blueprint for future hires.


Fuel Success

We'll craft dynamic onboarding and training processes from the ground up, catapulting your new hires into immediate, impactful contributions.


Cultivate a Retention Culture

Primarily centered on new hires but applicable across the organization, this step aims to create a culture where employees feel valued and supported, and symbiotically aligns their career aspirations with the goals of the company. Collaboratively, we establish SOPs and training for employee retention, management, and upskilling. These initiatives not only attract and retain top talent but also serve as catalysts for unprecedented company growth.

This comprehensive journey typically spans six to twelve months for full integration, with each step uniquely customized for every organization.

The Align & Scale Framework will be the best fit for tech companies who are:

  • At the startup stage up to Series B and are looking to stabilize their long-term growth trajectory

  • Founder-led and desire an elite team with complementary strengths to take the company to new heights

  • Experiencing high turnover rates and the impacts of an unhappy workforce

  • Lacking effective onboarding and workforce development processes

  • Looking to grow exponentially in the next year and want the proper infrastructure in place to support that growth

Our collaboration can take one of two paths:

Private Engagement tailored exclusively for your organization


Group Cohorts, where you undergo the same transformative steps alongside like-minded peers.

The next step is to schedule an informal meeting with Dave to discuss the needs and challenges of your company to find the best path forward.

Dave’s spent the last 35+ years managing and leading organizations.  He has served on national & international boards. He has built strong teams, developed his personal leadership, manage financial budgets, and developed and sustained visionary leadership.

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